Close Communion






   Grace Lutheran Church practices Close or
   Closed Communion. To help understand
    why we practice Close Communion, we offer
    here the brief words of our Synod President:


"On the basis of God's Holy Word, our Lutheran church continues to practice the ancient, Biblical and confessional practice of close communion as an opportunity to give joyful witness to our unity in the true faith.  We practice close communion with the belief that this is what the Lord would have us do as we faithfully administer His body and blood in His holy Sacrament."

"Close communion is not a practice unique to The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.  It is also practiced by the majority  of Christians in the world who are members of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox communions."

"Hopefully, this brief explanation will help you, or someone else, understand that our love for our Lord and His Sacrament, and our love for the individual, is the reason why we practice close communion"

                                                        Dr. A. L. Barry
                                                        Former President
                                                        The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
For the complete explanation by Dr. Barry, follow the link "close communion".